Finishing Process

Finishing Process services from HIGHTEMP are powered by the highly efficient Centrifugal High Energy (CHE) series of finishing machines. The CHE series machine works on the principle of generating a very high G Force enabling the machine to deliver a range of finishes - very aggressive to mild - depending on the application. While the machine RPM can be varied to suit the desired finish, the media used for typical applications depend upon the nature of finish, the cut down required and the surface finish.

The CHE series machines are available in different capacities like 30, 40, 80 and 240 litres and in manual and semi-automatic versions.

The direct drive system of the Ceramed CHE series machine eliminates the need for chains and sprockets – facilitating fuly transfer of the energy to the turret through the belt – thus ensuring minimal transmission loss. The sole maintenance requirement for these machines is optimum greasing after every 400 hours of operation.


  • Negligible operational cost
  • Direct drive system that is more effective than the conventional drive system
  • Polyurethane liners used for ease of replacement
  • Interlock facility for enhanced safety
  • Mild steel / stainless steel vibratory separator ensures parts separation
  • User-friendly mechanism for pressure release