Aluminium Melting Furnaces

Sanken Sangyo’s aluminum melting furnace range built by Hightemp in India is aimed at setting new industry standards for the production of high quality automotive components.  The new range of innovative, reliable equipment and installations bear the seal of expertise and quality from Japan’s leader in Aluminum melting furnaces - Sanken Sangyo.

We combine global industry expertise with a clear focus on enhancing productivity, with high standards of quality  for the Indian automotive component manufacturers.

Our technology leadership is built on our combined engineering expertise and knowledge resources that bring together design with optimum production performance across our range of products and installations.

Our advanced equipment supports a range of aluminum foundry requirements:

  • Tower type Aluminum Melting Furnaces
  • Aluminum Chips Melting Furnace & Eco-Kiln Chips Drying Equipments
  • Combination type (Tower melting + Al Chips melting) Al Melting Furnace
  • Al Briquette Melting Furnaces
  • Eco-Kiln Chips Drying Equipments (Capacity : Less than 300 kg/h Al chips