QMS and QA:

  • All HTF commercial heattreatment plants are IATF-16949 certified.
  • Procedures are drawn as per IATF guidelines as the foundation for all activities starting from feasibility commitment to complaint handling. 
  • Customer drawings, process and inspection standards if applicable, are considered for feasibility review. 
  • In the absence of customer standards, HTF will follow their own procedures in line with QMS requirements. 

Right of Customers :

  • Team Feasibility Commitment report. 
  • PPAP Documents. 
  • Process Validation Report. 
  • Control of Non-conforming products. 
  • Calibration certificates.
  • Customer Complaint Handling.  
 Settlement of Disputes :
The Customers may at some time have certain disputes resulting in rejections or raising of debit notes. In such event, settlement of disputes connected with or arising out of technical faults shall be settled in the following manner .
  • Each customer and HTF will appoint authorized representatives to understand the nature of the technical fault.
  • Joint inspection will be carried out by the designated authorized representatives or its appointees. 
  • Good faith discussion will be held to resolve the dispute amicably and by friendly consultation. 
  • Report will be issued by HTF to the customer in this regard. 
  • In case the dispute continues to remain,
    • For technical disputes, both HTF and customer shall agree to assign the analysis to a mutually agreed competent third party.
    • Disputes in commercial related matters / debits shall be referred to pre institution mediation under the Commercial Courts Act, 2015.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, all technical default related dispute shall be attempted to be resolved in the above mentioned friendly manner prior to any Dispute notice is issued for the purpose of pre-institution mediation.