Quick Facts
  • Manufacturers of Industrial Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Offers Heat Treatment Services
  • Subsidiary of DOWA THERMOTECH Co. Japan
  • A trendsetter in India
  • 5000 + industrial installations worldwide

Who we are

Incorporated in 1970 at Mumbai, HIGHTEMP, now a subsidiary of Dowa Thermotech Company Ltd, Japan has witnessed a steady growth over the years - from being a builder of small ovens and laboratory furnaces to become one of India’s best known manufacturers of Heat Treat Furnaces. What sets us apart is the fact that HIGHTEMP offers both Atmospheric Heat Treatment Furnace Systems and Commercial Heat Treatment.

Powered by the largest Commercial Heat Treatment facility in India, our services address the varied requirements of a global clientele that includes renowned Indian and foreign multinationals. What’s more, strategic alliances around the world ensure that we have access to the latest in technology and process know-how, for that critical competitive edge. These include Dowa Thermotech Co.Ltd, Japan, AFC-Holcroft, USA (for Aluminium Brazing Furnace),  TTI Services (for Nitrotec Services), Sanken Sangyo Company Ltd, Japan (for Aluminium Tower melting & holding furnaces) and Applied Process Inc, USA (for Austempering of Ductile Cast Irons).

HIGHTEMP has a comprehensive furnace manufacturing facility - spread over a 1,10,000 sq ft area - designed to conceptualize and build advanced atmospheric heat treatment furnaces. The Commercial Heat Treatment Divisions, located at the industrial clusters of Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore, command a total area of 6,50,000 sq ft.

At HIGHTEMP, meticulous attention to good management practices, stringent adherence to global regulatory standards and an abiding commitment to effective manufacturing processes has ensured that quality is at the core of every product, process and service.

Regular quality audits of products & services, sustained emphasis to guarantee consistent quality, compliance to meet customer & statutory requirements have enabled us to exceed expectations and ensure customer delight.

As we step into yet another decade, HIGHTEMP is all set to expand its product & service offerings and also venture into eco-friendly domains like renewable energy – a reflection of our commitment to a greener planet.