Quick Facts
  • 2000+ tons heat treatments per month
  • 1500+ customers
  • 46+ installed base
  • Largest Commercial Heat treatment company in India
  • Approximate market share of 40% in industrial heat treatment furnaces
  • Intricate knowledge of various processes Metallurgical knowhow
  • Ability to design and manufacture equipments
  • Manufacturing capability ranges from extremely small throughputs to very large installations

Extended Heat Treatment

Extended Heat Treatment service is one of the value additions that we offer to our esteemed customers, ensuring the benefits of assured quality and comparatively lower pricing.  As part of this service, exclusive Heat Treatment capacity is created to meet requirements of large & medium industries - to ensure 24 x 7 delivery commitments.

What’s more, Extended Heat Treatment services from HIGHTEMP facilitate the incorporation of special features vis-à-vis equipment and process to comply with customer requirements. Implementation of customer specifications, complete documentation and TFR are also done.


  • Ensures 100% on time delivery with assured quality at comparatively lower cost
  • Leverages Heat Treat knowledge of HIGHTEMP to offer quality heat treat
  • Leverages HIGHTEMP’s manufacturing capability to ensure heat treat process run at 92% efficiency
  • By virtue of HITEMPS’s combined expertise in both Heat Treatment & Furnace Manufacturing, customer can derive the advantage of lower cost of heat treating
  • Availability of skilled man power and Metallurgical Engineers on site to ensure trouble free operations to meet metallurgical requirements
  • All plants would be certified to Quality Standards such as ISO & TS
  • Complete responsibility by HIGHTEMP in terms of timely delivery, affordable cost and consistent quality ensures peace of mind for the customer
  • Access for customer personnel to operations at the plant